Sign-ups for the 2017 CAIP (County Agricultural Investment Program) cost-share program are now closed.

Program Guidelines

The deadline to submit receipts, canceled checks, Producer's Reports, Educational Certificates and other required documents is:  April 6, 2018, at 4:30 PM 

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you complete your project:

  • Invoices must be paid by check or credit card.  No cash payments can be accepted.
  • Copies of canceled checks or paid credit card statements must also be submitted with invoices.
  • Invoices must be itemized and include the name and contact information for the buyer and seller.
  • Educational workshops must have been completed from August 28, 2017, through April 05, 2018  
  • Receipts must be dated after ...........

Program areas for the 2017 CAIP Cost Share include:

The program is based on a 50/50 cost-share.  Producers whose applications are approved must complete their project in compliance with the guidelines and submit paid receipts for purchases.  (Please remember payments made in cash are NOT eligible.)  After the review, the committee approves the receipts, the applicant will be reimbursed 50% of their eligible expenses. 

The CAIP program is not a first come first served application process, and you do not have to be a member of the Cattlemen's Association or any other organization to be eligible for the program.

This program is made possible through a grant from the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy and the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund.  For more information, call the Owen County Extension Office at (502)484-5703, or stop by our office at 265 Ellis Rd, Owenton Kentucky.  Guidelines are also available from the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy website at:


Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be reimbursed for the entire amount of the expenses submitted?

No.  All programs are based on a 50/50 cost share.  For example, if you spend 100 dollars on an applicable cost share item within one of the included programs, you will be reimbursed 50 dollars.

Do I need a Beef Quality Assurance Certification?

If your project is within the Large Animal program, current BQA certification is required.  Please contact the Extension office at 502-484-5703 for information on obtaining BQA certification or re-certification training.

What is the Educational Requirement?

CAIP requires the applicant to complete a minimum of one (1) educational component prior to the disbursement of funds.  The workshop, class, or presentation must be related to farm management, production, best management practices or marketing. Examples of types of sessions include field days, Private Pesticide Applicator training, meetings with guest presenters, webinars, etc. 

Will the Beef Quality Assurance Certification count as my Educational Requirement?

BQA certification is required for producers who are completing a Large Animal project, but does not meet the requirement for the educational component.

Are fertilizer and soil amendments a cost share item?

No.  Fertilizer and soil amendments (with the exception of lime) have been removed from the list of eligible cost-share items.

I am going to use lime as a cost-share item this year; do I need a soil test?

Yes.  The soil test must be done BEFORE the lime is applied and the soil test results must indicate that the lime is needed. 

Will the CAIP program pay for labor costs?

Some program areas designate labor as a cost-share item within the program guidelines.  The applicant cannot be reimbursed for their own labor or for labor provided by the applicant's immediate family (example: father/mother, son/daughter, brother/sister, or in-laws.)  Labor receipts must contain the name, address and contact information of each contracted laborer submitted for reimbursement.