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Family and Consumer Sciences Extension improves the quality of individual and family life through education, research, and outreach.  This multidisciplinary field focuses on building assets of individuals and families to address the problems faces across the lifespan.

Family and Consumer Sciences Extension operates within an ecological framework with the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter at its core.  The next level emphasizes well-being with a focus on human development, parenting, resource management, nutrition, health, and aesthetics.

At the community level, Family and Consumer Sciences Extension prepares individuals for community and economic development and activity.  Extension Agents enable individuals and families to develop capacity for strengthening families and building community for an ever-changing society.


Becoming a Owen County Homemaker

Fill out the membership form and return along

with $8.00 membership fee to the Extension

Office. Membership entitles you to all

newsletters for the upcoming year as well as

invitations to special events. You will also

have access to many educational workshops

held throughout the year.


 *Homemakers Accomplishments

*County Presidents

*Master Clothing Volunteer Program

 *Monthly Health Bulletins

(Adult, Youth, Prarent & Family Caregiver)

*Healthy Choices for Healthy Families Newletters

*Choose My Plate

*Plate it Up Kentucky Proud Recipes

 *Building Strong Families

*Military Family Programs

*Homebased Processing and Microprocessing


Parent Express:

A guide for expecting & new parents. 

By clicking on the links below, you will be guided through a series of parenting newsletters that will educate you with each step of your baby's development from birth through 3 years of age.

Month 1                          Month 13 & 14

Month 2                          Month 15 & 16           

Month 3                          Month 17 & 18

Month 4                          Month 19 & 20

Month 5                         Month 21 & 22

Month 6                         Month 23 & 24

Month 7                         Month 25 & 26 

Month 8                         Month 27 & 28
Month 9                         Month 29 & 30

Month 10                       Month 31 & 32
Month 11                       Month 33 & 34

Month 12                       Month 35 & 36